7 06, 2017

Exploring Project Roles #3: The Business Representative

The Business Representative is an end user of the system and represents the end-users on the project team.  The Business Representative is often the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the business being represented on the project.  A Business Rep should expect to spend 20-60% of their time on a project. The Business Representative: 1) must

8 04, 2017

Exploring Project Roles #2: The Business Owner

The Business Owner is the advocate for the business reps on the project team.  While not directly involved in day-to-day decisions and tasks, the business owner plays an important role on the project. The Business Owner: 1)  is typically a department level manager 2)  participates in regular meetings with the project manager and team as

30 01, 2017

Exploring Project Roles #1: The Project Sponsor

The Project Sponsor is required for every project.  The Sponsor may be an individual or a committee such as a Steering Committee. The Sponsor is responsible for approving the overall scope, budget, and schedule for a project and any changes to these if they arise. The Sponsor is engaged in the project.  Not necessarily day-to-day,

20 12, 2016

Quality: It’s Built-In

In some project management circles, Quality is the fourth leg of the 'iron triangle' defined by Scope, Time, and Cost.  The Iron Triangle principle states that to change any one of the three legs will affect the other two, without exception.  The belief of some is that Quality is also affected when scope, time, or

23 11, 2016

Sharing Knowledge #3: Data Migration: Pilots Wanted

Data Migration or Data Conversion are two terms commonly referred to the task of moving data from the legacy system(s) to the new information system. Data Conversion is every Project Manager's nightmare. Technical folks, on the other hand, love it; nothing beats a good challenge. Data Conversion effort/time/cost is notoriously difficult to estimate without 'getting

7 09, 2016

Sharing Knowledge #2: Testing: Know When to Say When

When to Document: Document your testing methodology at the outset of the project. Know what will be tested, how, and by whom. Document a test plan for unit testing, integration testing, and performance testing. Work with the project team on the plan and obtain sign-off from the business owners assigned to the project or Steering

3 08, 2016

Sharing Knowledge Series #1: Procurement: It’s in the Contract, right? (or wrong)   

Most projects involve procuring materials and/or services from outside vendors.  Procurement involves the preparation of and signing of contracts confirming the scope of work to be provided or materials to be supplied.  Pretty basic contract management. On a recent project, a question was raised as to the completeness of the deliverables.  Upon careful examination of

29 06, 2016

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