The Business Representative is an end user of the system and represents the end-users on the project team.  The Business Representative is often the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the business being represented on the project.  A Business Rep should expect to spend 20-60% of their time on a project.

The Business Representative:

1) must be knowledgeable and experienced with current business processes and systems
2) must be a quick learner and able to function effectively very quickly in an IT project setting. This is harder than it sounds; most business reps will be working in an IT project setting for the first time.
3) despite being ‘back filled’, will always be competing his/her time on the project against regular department work
4) is proactive in thinking about business process changes that will improve the overall efficiency of the company.
5) is able and willing to work extra time during  the project to ensure project tasks are done on time
6) is able to learn effective ‘testing’ techniques
7) is cooperative in nature and works well with other departments who he/she may be working with on the project
8) is a good communicator, participates during project meetings and provides detailed feedback
9) becomes the local system ‘expert’ and ‘go-to’ person for post go-live support
10) reviews data migration iterations and provides good feedback