As a project manager, I pride myself with helping companies solve specific problems to improve their operations, achieve certifications, or enhance their position in the market place.

My objective is to become your ‘preferred technical advisor’. This is a status that must be earned through hard work and results. I look forward to putting my skills and expertise to work for you on your next project.

Experience in These Sectors:

  • Forest Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Municipal Government
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Permitted to work in U.S.A.

Forest Industry

The majority of my projects have been focused on improving operations and lowering costs in the forest industry of B.C.’s interior and coast, as well as Alberta and Washington State.

  • Woodlands and Timber Management
  • Wood Fibre Supply
  • Pulp and Paper Maintenance Operations
  • Back-office (ERP, Finance and Payroll systems)


I have worked with a mining company since January 2004 and have designed and implemented a multi-year information technology strategy to improve back-office IT infrastructure and information sharing business processes in preparation for expanded operations.

Municipal Government

I have prepared a GIS Strategic plan for a local municipality. The strategic plan involved assessing current technology and business processes to achieve the goal of streamlining, standardizing and improving service levels


I served as the Program Manager for the Design, Development, and Certification of the RJ85 Next Generation Airtanker.  The program was the most complex engineering and certification program undertaken by Conair in their 40 year history.  I was privileged to be selected to lead this extraordinary effort.  While the program seamed to have more risk events than one could possibly anticipate, the air tanker program successfully delivered three certified aircraft and the company has gone on to build three more.


I assisted a trucking firm in their replacement of a trucking management software system.  The project involved documenting requirements, selecting the right vendor and managing the implementation of the software.  The new platform has enabled the company to further leverage additional technology solutions for mobile truck management.

Working in the United States of America

I am permitted to work in the United States using a TN-Visa classification as a Computer Systems Analyst.

This Visa allows me to serve my clients in a number of capacities including:

  1. Business Analysis and Requirements Definition
  2. Design including software, reports, and maps
  3. Testing
  4. Training including training plan development, materials preparation, and delivery
  5. Strategic consulting, workshop faciliation

However, under this classification, I am not permitted to:

  1. Supervise staff or contractors
  2. Carry out Project Management
  3. Perform field work such as surveys, engineering, etc.

I have worked in the US on a part time basis serving several clients for the past 5 years. I look forward to continuing to work in the US, but I felt it necessary to disclose the limitations of my services.

 My Services


Effective project management is vital to the success of any project. Effective project management uses the right combination of technical and people skills to empower project teams to be better than the sum of their parts. Effective project management is the key to building better companies.



Many companies rely heavily on the effective use of technology. The primary beneficiaries of effective technology are end-users. End users are not normally skilled in analyzing and selecting new technologies. I have extensive experience working with end-users to select and implement technology that will meet their needs.



Changing the way you do business or how you make use of a new technology requires business processes to be re-engineered. Building better organizations requires changing business processes from time to time to meet changing markets, reduce operating costs, or provide improved customer service.