My Business Philosophy

My business philosophy encompasses delivering unique solutions on time and on budget . These are characteristics of projects. Using this philosophy, I am able to help “build better organizations, one successful project at a time”.

Approach to Project Management:

  • Earn Credibility
  • Foster Accountability
  • Lead by Serving

Earn Credibility

I make it an important first priority to earn credibility with my project team and to understand as quickly as possible the strengths that each person brings to the project. I am continually refining and improving my project management approach using valuable experiences to ensure that credibility and trust is maintained between both the team members and myself.

Foster Accountability

Accountable team members are essential to project success. I place high expectations on myself to deliver on what I promise and to own all decisions that I make with the project team. I expect suppliers to be accountable for delivery deadlines and I will work closely with your staff to ensure that their tasks are completed adequately and on time. Projects are challenging and require individuals willing to put in the extra effort to ensure success.

Lead by Serving

Projects are complex and stressful by nature. They are typically put on an organization in addition to regular work, thus team members are asked to put in extra effort to complete the project. It’s been described to me as ‘changing the rear wheel of a motorcyle while you are still riding it’. My approach to leading is to serve the organization and its team members. While working as a Project Manager, I have to exercise authority, my work ethic must also lead by example. In addition, I do not hesitate to serve. I help team members accomplish their tasks, regardless of how simple or mundane they may be. I lead by serving and this approach has served my teams well.

What’s AJAE?

AJAE stands for Andrew James and Abigail Elizabeth, our two wonderful children.

Photo Credits

I would like to acknowledge and thank Rory Hill for allowing me to use photos from his collection on this website. Rory’s photo gallery may be viewed at .


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As a cartographer by trade, I began working in the B.C. forest industry in 1991 for a coastal forestry consulting firm. I successfully applied my mapping and GIS skills to my cartography work and was also privileged to participate in many other forestry related activities such as road layout and design, cut block engineering, harvest planning, timber cruising and Silviculture activities.