Projects Overview

I have managed dozens of projects for companies of varying size. Some projects involved technology replacements, software system upgrades, or strategic planning; some were smaller in size (6-8 weeks), others larger (>1 year). I have selected some case studies below, not so much for the purpose to showcase my diverse capabilities and services in the area of Information Technology and Business Improvement, but also to provide some valuable information should you be experiencing similar challenges in your organization.

Case Studies

IT Strategic Planning Means Listening to Users

Case Study: IT Strategic Planning Means Listening to Users A client was facing imminent growth and fluctuation in business direction.

Selecting the Best Software Vendor

Case Study: Selecting the Best Software Vendor A client wanted to replace dated technology used for a key information processing system.

I Can’t Find My Parts!!!

Case Study: I Can't Find My Parts!!! My client had recently completed the implementation of a new Computerized Maintenance Management